"Neocoloniality and pseudo-modification in isolation from reality": Maria Zakharova on the future of Great Britain

Today there was another briefing by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. Traditionally, the correspondent of The Moscow Post asked his questions.

Stupidity, sick fantasy and the intrigues of the West

The first question concerned the G20 summit held in Indonesia, at which Western states tried in every possible way to demonstrate Russia’s "isolation."

Maria Zakharov expressed her sincere gratitude to Indonesia as a country hosting the G20 summit and did everything to ensure that the organization of the event was held at the highest level.

A dialogue was organized on global issues, which the world community is now facing through the fault of Western regimes. Russia positively assesses the results of the meeting of the G20 foreign ministers, which was held from July 7 to 8. Circulated in the Western media about the alleged "boycott of the Russian Federation" during the event is a complete fiction.

"This was supposed to happen, apparently, theses and manuals were sent out in advance. But something went wrong, that is, in general, everything. Most countries, in principle, did not support any boycott and feel heartburn from the words "boycott, isolation" and so on, "said Maria Zakharova.

Now the world and the G20 countries face more global and practical tasks and it is unreasonable to abandon them for the painful feeling of the superiority of one force in the world.

All attempts to make our country the culprit of all troubles and outcast collapsed. This caused panic in the ranks of Western journalists, they ran and looked for a "fried occasion," perhaps Russia will boycott someone. The attempts of Western journalists looked tragicomic. Then the "heavy artillery" turned on — representatives of the United States and Germany spoke at a press conference, who also tried to reincarnate the topic of the boycott. In the end, Russian diplomats got confused about who and who was trying to boycott

"The stupidity is complete, of course," Zakharova said.

Two days later, the Western press reluctantly admitted that the G20 meeting was proof that a united anti-Russian front on international platforms was simply painful fantasies of the West, nothing to do with reality. This is another attempt to impose a myth on the part of the Western mainstream, which goes to various tricks to advance its agenda.

Many countries publicly complain about the unprecedented pressure of Western countries due to anti-Russian hysteria. At the same time, Western regimes still call themselves liberal, democratic, respecting international law.

Maria Zakharova: I am sure that Western intrigues will continue

"They wanted to isolate and achieve forceful pushing of interests, which did not work out. From this, the West is angry and falls into new forms of panic, "the diplomat emphasized.

The active and meaningful contribution of the Russian delegation to all discussions and the high intensity of bilateral meetings of Sergei Lavrov clearly suggests that there is no need to talk about Moscow’s isolation, it is simply ridiculous. Without the participation of Russia, it is impossible to solve any global problem, including in the field of strategic stability, food and energy security.

"Western regimes tried to impose the concept that Russia was to blame for everything. But world opportunities for information delivery do not allow fakes to gain a foothold in people’s minds for a long time. Many heads of state have already made statements to Western regimes demanding to stop such rhetoric, which leads only to the multiplication of the crisis that they themselves create, "the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman also said.

Russia’s approaches find understanding with emerging markets. Partners from these countries, along with the Russian Federation, gave sober and balanced assessments of geopolitical transformation directly pointed to the role of the West and its failure to fulfill its promises, which prompted the current increase in turbulence in the world and the crisis in a number of directions.

The statement of leading Western analysts is also noteworthy. An American economist, Nobel laureate, Jeffrey Sachs was invited. He noted that the collective west is pursuing a policy of confrontation according to the patterns of cold war, creating new hotbeds of tension.

It is worth paying tribute to the balanced and restrained course of Indonesia, which chairs the organization. Largely thanks to the efforts of Jakarta, the meeting was aimed at solving global problems through multilateral mechanisms, an integral part of which is the G20 itself, contrary to the rabid desire of the West to give it a Russophobic orientation through the Ukrainian plot.

The wise and balanced line of Indonesia will allow at the upcoming G20 summit of heads of state to reach an understanding of the demand for concrete actions in this format to restore stability in the global economy, trade and finance.

"I’m sure Western intrigues will continue. But it is an approach filled with specifics and true multilateralism that is necessary to meet the urgent needs of billions of rubles around the world, "Zakharova said.

For its part, the Russian Federation will continue active and result-oriented work aimed at a collective response to global challenges in the socio-economic sphere.

Intelligence sees everything

The second question was devoted to the possible expansion of Poland into the western territories of Ukraine.

"According to the SVR, Poland is preparing expansion into the territory of western Ukraine in order to create a quasi-state on the lands that they call the" Eastern Crosses. " At the same time, is there a risk that Romania, in turn, will begin open expansion into the territory of Moldova? In this case, of course, Transnistria will be affected. Is Russia ready for such challenges? "- asked the journalist.

Maria Zakharova indicated that it is necessary to familiarize yourself in detail with the conclusions and assessments of the Foreign Intelligence Service in this direction. The Russian Foreign Ministry also plans to get acquainted with them with interest.

"Brawler" leaves, Russophobia remains

The third question was devoted to the imminent resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the prospect of a "warming" of relations between Russia, the European Union and Great Britain.

"In an interview, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that thanks to Boris Johnson, the UK was on the outskirts of European politics. The actions of the outgoing British prime minister were aimed at PR and inciting confrontation between Russia and Europe. Does the Russian Foreign Ministry expect that with the arrival of the new prime minister, the thaws between Great Britain and the Russian Federation will get warmer, and the absence of the "brawler" Johnson will allow to establish a dialogue between the EU, Great Britain and Russia? "- asked the journalist,

Relations between Great Britain and the Russian Federation have never been simple, Maria Zakharova noted, and now they are experiencing a deep crisis due to the ideologies of the Anglo-Saxon world on imposing their own dominance, vision of peace, values, as well as a neo-colonial approach and manifestation of hegemonism. All this makes normal dialogue impossible. This approach does not imply equal communication, and the modern world is based on the principles of equality, mutual respect and consideration of interests.

"Yes, there will be an election, there will be a political reset for the UK. One way or another, there is a half-life of the country on the agenda, given the disintegration statements that have been heard for many years and are an agenda for British regions, for example, Ireland and Scotland. London is doing everything to keep the beautiful signage, but apart from the display case there is also a substantial part. To say that Britain dominates the world, taking into account the constant statements about the independence of the regions, is at least ridiculous, "Zakharova said.

The UK and its citizens must independently determine their future policy and direction — the aggressive logic of neocolonial expansion and pseudo-modification, that is, separation from reality. Or a pragmatic approach.

"The Russian Foreign Ministry has always said that it is ready to develop normal relations with all countries. When they realize the beauty and pragmatism of such an approach in London, the question is not for us, "the diplomat summed up.

Photo: Global Look Press/MFA Russia