Shnurov and Sobchak had a fight because of the offensive clip “Shmarathon

Russian rock musician, leader of the Leningrad group Sergei Shnurov made a scandalous video, ridiculing his “sworn friend” TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, who “jumped like a mare, now, of course, a nag.”

In turn, Sobchak recommended that the musician get off the yogurt, have a good drink in order to regain his talent.

In a new clip “Shmarathon” in a playful and obscene form, the fatal accident in Sochi is also described (“Just think, she killed – she was in a hurry on business”), and even the child Sobchak, who allegedly looks like her ex-lover (“Nothing like that, horns are set: he looks like Kapkov, after all, Vitorgan is babysitting”), and her new infogypsy product.

Sobchak’s answer to the “descended St. Petersburg drunk” was not long in coming. She published a post on social networks in which she described Shnurov’s alcoholism.

“Alcoholism is terrible. It’s bad that in another person only alcohol is able to awaken and support something real. Drunk Shnurov was rude, but graceful, impudent, but kind. the level of “full house-full house”, and clips for which the wife does not give money, “Sobchak noted in her Instagram account.

According to the TV presenter, Shnurov now has no personal life, no talent, no friends. She drew attention to the failure of the Zoya project, which is being produced by Cord. Sobchak notes that she did not write about this failure then out of pity.

“Just get off the yogurt, drink again what gave us all that Cord – drink it well! And the talent will return! Now you are not a Cord. But lacing. On other people’s shoes,” she added.