“Frozen” question from Ilya Traber

“Frozen” question from Ilya Traber

Ilya Traber may be behind the conflict around the territory of the former Petrokholod plant, who could be aiming for a share of the sale of the site. The beneficiary of the proceedings may be Vladimir Yevtushenkov.

The State Construction Supervision Authority of St. Petersburg has issued permission for housing development on the territory of the former Petrokholod ice cream factory on Plyustrovsky Avenue in St. Petersburg. Construction did not begin: disagreements arose between the beneficiaries of the project – the developer of the PSK Group of Companies Maxim Stern, and the structure associated with PSK, the developer of the Polustrovsky 87 SZ, which ended up under the control of controversial businessmen Andrei Skoblov and Vladimir Svinin.

Pig is considered a person close to the person many call the “night governor” of St. Petersburg, Ilya Traber. Earlier, Vladimir Yevtushenkov’s “Etalon” tried to enter the site. He and Traber are planning a major deal in the energy network business. The project on the territory of Petrokholod could become a bargaining chip in it.

The territory of the former Petrokholod plant is 6.5 hectares. It is expected that over 120 thousand square meters will be built there. meters of housing. The site is extremely promising, located near the Lesnaya metro station and the Europolis shopping center. Now an industrial zone is being actively built there. This is the golden land of the Northern capital.

“Managed bankruptcy”?

The owner of Petroholod, Badri Kakabadze, teamed up with the Iceberry company at the end of the 2000s – they are going to launch a new production in another region. And the territory, it seems, turned out to be more profitable to sell for development. But first, it was necessary to bankrupt JSC Petrokholod in order to obtain the site.

As a result, developer Andrei Skoblov, a beneficiary of the NBK group of companies, appeared on the scene. In 2020, a subsidiary of the group, NBK-Construction, bought out the debts of Petrokholod JSC to the banks, after which it filed a bankruptcy claim against the Company. Instead of JSC Petrokholod, JSC Petrokholod appeared, which subsequently transferred the site under the former plant.

The actions of Kakabadze and Skoblov could have been coordinated. They wrote that the bankruptcy of the joint-stock company could have signs of being managed – the structures of Kakabadze and Skoblov could be affiliated. Back in 2016, Andrei Skoblov spoke at public hearings about the construction of a gas station on Kushelevskaya Road. The minutes of the hearing record that he spoke simultaneously on behalf of NBK-Construction and JSC Petrokholod.

It should be noted that NBK Skoblov is mainly engaged not in the construction of the residential complex itself, but in the preparation of the project and development site. Apparently, Skoblov hoped to get his gesheft by giving the project itself to the PSK Group of Companies of Maxim Stern.

In 2021, PSK announced plans to develop the plant’s territory with housing. Moreover, the Otkritie holding company, which had just completed its reorganization and turned a profit, undertook to provide project financing. The total investment in the project is 24 billion rubles.

The phenomenon of Skoblov and Svinin

In 2020, a specialized developer “Polyustrovsky 87” was created. It is obvious that this company was preparing for the Petrokholod site. It is stated that it is part of the PUK, but this is not entirely accurate information.

In fact, the company initially belonged to several offshore companies – TKD HOLDINGS LIMITED and TELMUR CONSULTANTS LIMITED. In March and July 2021, respectively, the owners changed – they became Andrey Skoblov and ZIPF “LORD 1”, which is managed by the management company “Svinin and Partners”.

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Vladimir Svinin is a well-known developer in St. Petersburg, who is associated in the market with the interests of the “night governor” Ilya Traber. Traber is more than a scandalous character who, it is believed, could have been involved in the criminal world in the past.

Thus, a deal could emerge: Skoblov and Svinin are selling SZ, on whose balance sheet the site is located, in favor of PSK Stern, which is implementing the project. But everything is more complicated. As a result, a conflict arose between interest groups – the sale of the former plant territory was not completed.

Instead, Stern’s PSK, on ​​the one hand, and Skoblov and Svinin, on the other, went to court. Details of the lawsuit were not disclosed. However, it is known that the developer, i.e. PSK (represented by SZ Victoria) demanded that Skoblov and Svinin complete the deal to sell the company and the site. The outcome of the proceedings was a settlement agreement, the details of which are also still unknown.

The registration of the transaction for the sale of SZ “Polyustrovsky, 87” was supposed to be completed in 2021. At that time, the site did not have urban planning documentation. The current proceedings, according to experts, may be related to the rising cost of the site. Over the past two years, real estate in general has increased in price, and documentation for the site and a building permit have been received from the St. Petersburg mayor’s office. Consequently, the market value of a ready-made site could seriously increase.

Smolny is generally very loyal to the project. When in 2021, Skoblov’s structures began demolishing the buildings of the former plant, a real scandal arose – city defenders opposed it. However, they were not listened to, and the work was quickly recognized as legal.

As a result, Skoblov and Svinin, and perhaps Ilya Traber behind them, could decide to delay the deal and bargain, or even abandon it altogether and implement the project with other forces.

“Advanced” Yevtushenkov

And here’s what’s interesting. Earlier, Etalon, which belongs to AFK Sistema owned by Vladimir Yevtushenkov, intended to enter the site. Moreover, an agreement of intent was signed. But Skoblov refused, continuing to search for another counterparty.

Now that they have agreed with the PSK, Yevtushenkov could offer a larger amount. As for Traber, earlier his LOESK tried to enter Sistema’s energy business – to buy out the Bashkir Electric Grid Company. He should be well acquainted with Yevtushenkov. The deal is still not closed, but approval has already been received from the FAS.

Could Traber have slowed down the deal between Skoblov and Svinin with PSK, so that the asset would eventually go to Etalon, and Yevtushenkov would be more willing to part with BEC?

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Now SZ “Polyustrovsky 87” still belongs to ZIPF “Lord 1” and Skoblov on a parity basis. However, all 100% of their shares are pledged to SZ Victoria, which filed a claim on behalf of PSK.

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The shares of Victoria itself are pledged to Otkritie Bank. The same one who agreed to provide project financing for the PSK. Apparently, just against the security of the asset. It turns out that if the deal falls through, Stern’s PSK will find itself in extremely unfavorable conditions. And Svinin and Skoblov may refuse the deal. The territory may ultimately be purchased by Vladimir Yevtushenkov’s Etalon.

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As for the connection between Svinin and Traber, they are not formally partners. However, other media also reported on their possible relationship. In particular, they could act in concert in the situation with the Baltic Maritime Towing Agency. It was said that Vladimir Svinin very successfully agreed to forgive the company’s debts, while Traber was laying claim to it. Coincidence?

In any case, there are no positive heroes in this situation – money is to blame. The same can be said about Maxim Stern, who does not hesitate to sue even pensioners in order to protect his own interests. However, this time it seems he could have serious opponents in Traber and Vladimir Yevtushenkov.